joining forces

I hope some of these partnerships below resonate with you. Get in touch if you want to join forces whether you are a restorationist, treehugger, storyteller, guide, experimenter, builder, disruptor, caregiver, or healer!

Tacoma Trees!

Our future has trees in every neighborhood, healthy vibrant and cohesive communities that sustain tree planting, tree care and tree education. Neighbors helping neighbors to grow a greener, healthier, and more connected Greater Tacoma, Pierce County and the watersheds of Puget Sound. 

Restoration Decade

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration revealed its Strategy after a lengthy review process over Spring and Summer 2020. There has been a launch of a new Take a look. The Decade Team is crowdsourcing the hype for the net benefit of all cultures and ecosystems that are critical in combating climate change and saving 1 million species from extinction. 

How would you like to be part of the movement? #GenerationRestoration 

Ecological Restoration Network

Dedicated to shows that encourage discussion and communication related to ecology and nature. We have joined forces with the Resonant Restoration Podcast that also delves into the world of ecological restoration as well as Grass: The Story of Everywhere - out of Southern Cascadia. We collaborate to build a robust network of restoration storytellers.

More at 

Black Lives Matter

Some ecological restoration around the world is an outgrowth of colonialism and old-school American fortress-style conservation that we export around the world. We have been born into systems of oppression and socialized in ways to disregard Black lives. I am actively reimagining what conservation and environmentalism represents, working on becoming an anti-racist, and revising history and governance structures to make sure Black and Brown people are included and know they belong. We cannot rely on end-of-pipe solutions that do not dismantle racism in our science and practice. A sense of restored community and mutual care will help us meet the challenges of climate change, control our own human/ecosystem healthspans and embrace sustainable livelihoods that preserve other's rights to life, liberty and justice.

Restoration Reading List

Below are the books from authors I have interviewed or books I am reading for future episodes. Click on the book cover to find the book from the publisher. 

Forest Bathing: Finding Calm Creativity and Connection in the Natural World  by Julia Plevin from Ten Speed Press

Primer of Ecological Restoration by Karen Holl from Island Press

My book review @Medium

China Goes Green by Yifei Li and Judith Shapiro from Polity Books

The Green Amendment by Maya K. van Rossum

Anticipating Future Environments by Shana Lee Hirsch from UW Press

Nature Matrix: New and Selected Essays by Robert Michael Pyle

The Science of the Sacred: Bridging Global Indigenous Medicine Systems and Modern Scientific Principles  by Dr. Nicole Redvers

Mapping Abundance for a Planetary Future: Kanaka Maoli and Critical Settler Cartographies in Hawai'i  bCandace Fujikane from Duke University Press

Recovering Lost Species in a Modern Age bDolly Jørgensen 

All The Feelings Under The Sun by Dr. Leslie Davenport from Magination Press

Ecological Restoration and the U.S. Nature and Environmental Writing Tradition: A Rewilding of American Letters  by Laura Smith

Fresh Banana Leaves: Healing Indigenous Landscapes through Indigenous Science by Jessica Hernandez, PhD from North Atlantic Books

Wild by Design: The Rise of Ecological Restoration by Laura J. Martin from Harvard Press

A Kids Guide to Ecological Restoration with Dr. Elise Gornish

Climate Resilience: How We Keep Each Other Safe, Care For Our Communities, and Fight Back Against Climate Change by Kylie Flanagan

Also I have created a reading list on Bookshop, which is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. Follow the link to my Restoration Reading List.