practitioners adjusting for climate change

Practitioners Adjusting for Climate Change with Brenda Clifton

We cope with climate variability whether we acknowledge it or not. On this episode, Brenda Clifton and I discuss the intentional ways practitioners are adjusting for climate change in restoration practice.

This was a recording of a session I took part in at the January 19th virtual North Sound Riparian Conference. This event was hosted by the good people at the Skagit Watershed Council, Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group, and Skagit River System Cooperative.

When I say Sound that means Puget Sound or the southern estuary of the Salish Sea, connected to the wider Pacific Ocean via the Strait of Georgia and Strait Juan de Fuca. Most the folks attending the conference were in the North Sound.

Brenda Clifton is a plant ecologist with over 20 years of experience in plant biology and propagation. Ms. Clifton has a bachelor's degree in Botany and her master's thesis is in plant physiology. She is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist with the Society of Wetland Scientists. She has worked for the Skagit River System Cooperative for over 10 years. The Cooperative provides natural resource management services for the Sauk-Suiattle (soc suyattle) Indian Tribe and the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. Brenda manages the vegetation aspects of salmonid habitat restoration projects, including developing planting, vegetation management, maintenance and monitoring plans and running a nursery with over 15,000 plants.

Lots of smart people were presenting and listening in on this conference. This event was recorded, so if you want to watch it the recording will be posted on the Skagit Watershed Council’s website:

Forest Adaptation Network:

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