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Climate Resilience with Kylie Flanagan

Kyle Flanagan asks us how we can truly address the roots of the climate crisis, and how we can keep each other safe in the years to come—while making sure that no one gets left behind. She wrote Climate Resilience, robust with short essays edited from interviews with 39 individuals who have been cultivating resilience for decades. There is a chapter dedicated to ecological restoration and issues related to river restoration, shifting the framing of environmental injustices, soil health, community composting and good fire. Intersecting with restoration, Kylie and the cohort of climate imaginaries foreground skills required in a warming world - relationship repair, participatory & decentralized economics, collective care, community adaptation, cultural strategy and people power. 

Kylie is a climate communicator and the executive director of a small, climate justice-focused foundation. Originally from Miwok lands in the California Bay Area, she currently resides on Munsee Lenape lands in New York City. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College and received a master’s in sustainability solutions from Presidio Graduate School. Driven by a desire to make the world more delicious, beautiful, joyous, and just, she has dabbled in goat midwifery, cheesemaking, tiny house architecture and construction, supper club hosting, edible landscaping, sustainable business consulting, and most recently, writing Climate Resilience. 

Climate Resilience Project and (that launches in early August).

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Climate Resilience features voices of Native Rights activists, queer ecologists, Gen-Z organizers, urban farmers, and others on the front lines: Reverend Mariama White-Hammond, Ruth Miller, Niria Alicia, Morgan Curtis, Casey Camp-Horinek, Victoria Montaño, Heather Rosenberg, Cate Mingoya, Didi Pershouse, Ceci Pineda, Margo Robbins, Doria Robinson, Cassia Herron, Marta Ceroni, Crystal Huang, Moji Igun, Deseree Fontenot, Jacqueline Thanh, Janelle St. John, Miriam Belblidia, Lil Milagro Henriquez, Amee Raval, Marcie Roth, Eileen V. Quigley, Natalie Hernandez, Mindy Blank, Chief Shirell Parfait-Dardar, Eve Mosher, Irfana Jetha Noorani, Melissa Reyes, Patty Berne, Selin Nurgun, Sekita Grant, Mara Ventura, Kavaangsaar Afcan, Olivia Juarez, Sona Mohnot, Kailea Frederick, and Dominique Thomas

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