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Restoration & Herbalism United with Natalie Hammerquist

In this episode, we delve into the world of plant medicines. Our guest, Natalie Hammerquist, a herbalist based in Washington state, shares her extensive knowledge and experience in herbalism and foraging local plants. Natalie's journey, rooted in a degree from The Evergreen State College, led her to explore herbalism, plant taxonomy, and food science. Under the guidance of renowned herbalists like Cascade Anderson Geller and Matthew Wood, Natalie integrated aspects of Chinese medicine and Western herbalism into her practice.

What's particularly intriguing about our conversation is Natalie's emphasis on the importance of collaboration between restorationists and herbalists to ensure sustainable caretaking and the preservation of plant resources. Natalie also shares her personal journey into herbalism, shaped by her own health struggles during college, and highlights the diverse approaches within herbalism, blending scientific methodologies with traditional wisdom.

Additionally, Natalie sheds light on the regulatory disparities between (and within) the United States and Europe, emphasizing the need for advocacy and education to support herbalism and holistic health practices. She offers insights into her forthcoming book, "Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest," which aims to provide practical guidance and visual aids for identifying medicinal plants, emphasizing the importance of accurate plant identification and ethical harvesting practices.

We delve into topics such as the significance of timing in harvesting, ethical considerations inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer's concept of the Honorable Harvest, and the therapeutic properties of plants like knotweed, blackberry, and hawthorn. Natalie advocates for sustainable harvesting practices that balance the benefits and impacts of these plants, promoting a mindful approach that honors the interconnectedness of all living beings and fosters responsibility for the wider environment.

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Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest: A Visual Guide to Harvesting and Healing with 35 Common Species

Natalie will be presenting her new book, "Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest: A Visual Guide to Harvesting and Healing with 35 Common Species," at Third Place Books in Seward Park on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 7:00pm.

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