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fourth phase of water

Once we get out of quarantine, I hope to meet with Gerald Pollack. Jerry runs the Pollack Laboratory at University of Washington. In 2013, Pollack published "The Fourth Phase of Water Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor." Jerry has made the science and health/fitness podcast rounds to discuss the intricacies of water as we traditionally know it and how his team's discovery of EZ water affects every living organism.

sword fern decline!

What do we do when one of our most dominant understory species shows signs of mortality and decline in one place...or across an entire ecosystem? The sword fern decline in Seattle's Seward Park has been progressing through the 2010s.

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the restoration decade

treehugger is actively tracking the leadup to the 2021-2030 UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

restoration decade webinar

Tim Christophersen and friends break down the Decade. Track it yourself by visiting decadeonrestoration.org.